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The official Website of the artist presents the most comprehensive exhibition of his works on the Internet, comprising a vast variety of pictures, audio- and video files.

Ernst Fuchs Foundation

1.Administration of the Foundation's Collection
2.Administration of the Replica Archive
3.Work and Work Biographical Documentation Center
4.General Biographical Documentation Center

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The Museum

Built in 1889 by world-famous architect Otto Wagner, the villa was saved from ruin in 1972 by Ernst Fuchs and has been a private museum since 1988. The six magnificently decorated rooms open to the public contain the world's largest collection of oil paintings, drawings, copper etchings, sculptures and applied art by the master of Fantastic Realism. Stroll through the artist's former private chambers and admire the specially designed, hand-made furniture, intarsias and fin-de-sieclè stained glass windows.

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Ernst Fuchs Foundation
Hüttelbergstrasse 26, 1140 Vienna, Austria
Tel: + 43 1 914 85 75/ 13 Fax: + 43 1 416 26 22

Ernst Fuchs Museum
Hüttelbergstrasse 26, 1140 Vienna, Austria
Tel: + 43 1 914 85 75 Fax: + 43 1 914 85 75 18

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